Evidence Recording System

The Evidence Recording System is a family of video recording systems for the secure recording of statements from witnesses, taking of evidence from suspects or for securely recording interview for later analysis.

This technology is typically used by police, government bodies, security specialists, organised crime agencies, human rights agencies and in business.There are a number of product variants from static to portable versions to offer full flexibility for home based and deployed requirements. The static evidential DVD and network recorder is capable of recording audio only, or video and audio, in an evidentially secure manner that is compatible with the most demanding criminal justice system.

Typically, 1 camera provides a focused view of the victim or witness, whilst another camera shows a wide angle view of the room, to clearly show all who are present at the interview.

Designed to meet the specific requirements of police video/audio interviews the system components are evidentially secure in accordance with digital evidence guidelines.

For each DVD interview the recorder typically produces up to three read only DVDs in accordance with best practice and utilizes internal failsafe systems in case of a disk failure.

Typically this technology is used to conduct meetings and interviews regarding:

  • Collection of evidence from victims, witnesses and suspects
  • Employment law issues
  • Meetings and AGMs
  • Investigation of theft, fraud and corruption
  • Corruption within the tendering processes
  • Investigation of serious organised crime
  • Investigation of Human Rights violations
  • Validation of voting processes
  • Investigation of health and safety violations

Additionally the system has network compatibility for integration with local and wide area networks if required.