Biometric Speaker Identification

Automated Voice (AV) Speaker Identity System is a voice biometrics authentication and verification software system, designed for use by voice systems integrators and developers.

AV is an integral component of a secure identity verification solution. The patented tuning technology maximizes detection of the individual speaker and rejects the impostor.

AV is at the forefront in the fight against identity theft and fraud by authenticating identities. AV provides an additional security level that end users will find convenient as an alternative to cumbersome and hard to remember PINs, passwords and security questions.

The concept is simple. Like fingerprints, everyone’s voice is unique. AV works by first registering a voice to create a unique voiceprint. This can be any combination of words or a phrase, such as account numbers, date of birth or catchy phrases. Once registered, users authenticate by simply repeating the account number or phrase registered in AV. In effect, AV confirms “you are who you say you are”.

AV is language, accent and dialect independent and thus applicable worldwide. Our partner’s research and development team invented a patented tuning and optimization system to automate the Universal Background Model (UBM) process. Using AV, our partners create optimized UBMs for the local accent and language of the end-user application.

Like a fingerprint, voice is unique and thus provides a powerful mechanism
to authenticate identity. Unlike fingerprints, special readers or hardware are unnecessary. AV Speaker identity verification can be accessed from any telephone, whether mobile, landline or
IP telephony. Accessing secure services can be as simple as a citizen calling into the system, saying their social security number, access code or other information to confirm “they are who they say they are.” And there is no need for citizens to keep this information confidential, as it is the user voice that AV uses and not the information itself. Thus, if callers are using stolen identity credentials AV can block access and record the “voice biometric” for future forensic analysis.

Because AV does not rely on citizens remembering complex PINs and passwords, there is no need to maintain costly (and potentially highly insecure) systems to re-issue them when forgotten. When AV is used to secure contact center services, it eliminates the need for user to answer personal information questions. That speeds delivery of services and user convenience while minimizing vulnerability to theft of services.

Typically, Biometric Speaker Identification is applicable to the financial services, retail businesses and government agencies for secure transactions/activities.