Headquartered in Luxembourg, Concept.Com has its key offices located in Luxembourg. We are a European based service provision company that exports unique and modern capabilities from European technology companies to global customers.

We are active particularly in the Caucasus and we are seeking partner nations and companies to share our success through bringing technology into your country thus growing our international footprint.


By matching a European technology provider with a customer Concept.Com becomes the business interface to deliver capabilities that meet the needs of the customer in a timely and cost-effective manner. Concept.Com then establishes and supports the ensuing business framework whether it be a partnership, joint venture or contract/sub-contractor relationship.

Concept.Com is looking for long-term relationships with local companies to establish new, or to enhance existing, businesses leading to a truly joint approach to business winning and sustained growth. We aim to provide technical support in-country to enhance local technical skills with the potential to support the underlying national technology base.




Concept.Com  is an official partner of world-renowned THALES Group.

Concept.Com adopts fully the principle of technology transfer and we always seek to minimise long support chains through establishing local support agencies to maintain and refresh technology as required during a contract. This approach offers a win-win situation for Concept.Com and our partners and we seek always to develop an effective growth strategy with our partners. Effectively, with local knowledge obtained from our business partners and European technology available from Europe through Concept.Com we both become stronger.

As an example, some of the technologies that are currently are available can be viewed in the product section of this website.